How Your Donation Makes a Difference 

What is holding you back from donating? Are you unaware of where your money is going, or do you feel that you cannot make a difference? 

Here is Where Your Money is Going 

If you have considered donating to Bears Helping Babies but decided to hold back because you did not know enough about them, here is what you need to know. The fundraiser started in Baylor’s JOU 3367 Principles of Advertising and Public Relations class and is growing to become a campus-wide movement. The class wants to raise $20,000 by the end of their semester for refugees in Ukraine through Samaritan’s Purse. This fundraiser will help gather blankets, supplies, diapers, food, shelter, and much more. 

How much do you donate? Well, everything helps and if you consider your donation as part of a group it seems much bigger. To expand on that statement – if you donate $1 that may not seem to have a substantial impact, however, if 200 people donate $1 that is $200 and that would help many. 

The numbers may not hold your attention and you may be wondering what they are doing with your money. Samaritan’s Purse shares how their donations are divided. Below is a list of items and aid and their costs. 

– $6 blanket 

– $7 meal for a child 

– $9 hungry baby 

– $10 Jesus loves me lamb 

– $75 care for a mother and baby 

– $100 emergency care 

The items and aid above are what Bears Helping Babies is targeting and is how our fundraiser wants to help and make an impact. 

Here is how you can make a difference 

According to moneybites.com “When you can only afford to make a small donation, it feels like it will not make a difference. We see the scale of the problem charities are working on and assume that our small contributions will not deliver charities what they need.” 

This is not the case because any donation will help and the more people who contribute small donations the faster the funds will grow. 

Many believe that other people will donate, however, if we all thought of this mentality no one would ever donate to anything. It is your responsibility to make that difference and donate because if everyone started thinking that we would begin to see a difference.