Who they are and how it happened: Bears Helping Babies

Photo by “Nati” of www.pexels.com

Journalism students at Baylor University, led by Professor Matthew Brammer, have created a fundraiser to raise awareness and financial support for Ukrainian babies who need diapers: Bears Helping Babies.

After a class of brainstorming theoretical advertising campaigns, events and fundraisers, the Ukrainian relief project, Bears Helping Babies, was created and soon became a reality.

Journalists at Baylor University strive for excellence in everything they do. From telling the truth to capturing and recording newsworthy content for Baylor’s community, these students want nothing less than to encapsulate authenticity.

“This is about making a difference in Ukraine. We are especially equipped as journalists, and I’m excited to see what the students will do,” said Brammer.

Bears Helping Babies is one very important way that students can pursue this authenticity as well as pursue their dreams and passions of being true journalists in the “real world.”

“The root of this fundraiser is that we’re providing help and care for mothers and their babies that are fleeing from Ukraine. Many of these mothers don’t have the materials such as diapers and blankets so we are going to provide that for them,” said senior Briana Garcia.

Instead of standing in the background, these students have decided to step forward and do something tangible for the suffering in and outside of Ukraine. With a goal of $20,000, Bears Helping Babies will be partnering with Samaritan’s Purse to be the medium of support. From Waco, Texas to Ukraine and other surrounding countries, these bears are willing to carry your support for miles.



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