Mothers and children of Ukraine enduring hardships from the war

WACO, Texas (March 30, 2022) — Ukrainian mothers are fleeing the country with their children and leaving everything behind. They continue to make terrifying journeys to reach safety for themselves and their children at the Polish border. 

The first risk some mothers have to tackle is leaving their husbands behind. For some, this may be the first time they have traveled out of Ukraine without their husbands.

According to an Independent article, Tanya Soraka, a 31-year-old mother of six kids, whose ages range from a few months old to eight years old, was overwhelmed without her husband’s support. 

“I took them away because of the bombs, and now we get here,” Sorake said in the Independent article. “I take each stage as it comes. Otherwise, you will not begin to believe what you have to do.”

Once families make it to safety, they have to overcome even more obstacles, such as navigating how to tell their children the situation in an age-appropriate way. Surprisingly most mothers have noticed their children rising to the occasion by behaving well in certain scenarios and becoming well behaved. 

Sasha Bubnovska, a mother with two children Mia (2) and Sofia (6) said in the Independent article that at first, her little one was scared of the loud noises and cried at night. Once she better understood their plight, she became obedient.

The lingering question of “what’s next” is something many mothers ask themselves during this terrible time. According to a Care news story, mothers face uncertainty about what to do next as the war rages across their homeland because war is everywhere.  

Many of these children that are fleeing their hometowns will luckily not have to remember the horrible condition they endured, but for the mothers, it’s something they’re going to have to live with for the rest of their lives. 

During this time, groups and individuals have jumped into action to help the displaced women and children. 

Charities such as UNICEF, Samaritan’s Purse, the American Red Cross and Bears Helping Babies campaign and find ways to donate to the mothers and children in need with resources such as diapers, blankets and hygiene kits. 

Daniel Cohen, a reporter for the Independent, said there is a sense of gratitude that these mothers express for the humanitarian effort. 

Samaritan’s Purse is responding to the critical needs of families fleeing Ukraine. The international Christian relief organization is distributing food and water in Poland and will operate an Emergency Field Hospital in Ukraine. Photo courtesy of Samaritan’s Purse


About Bears Helping Babies

Bears Helping Babies is a movement created by Baylor students in the JOU 3367 Principles of Advertising and Public Relations and JOU 4340 Writing/Editing Online Media. The students are raising money to help mothers and their children in need of resources who have fled from Ukraine.