Donating without dollars 

WACO, Texas (March 28, 2022) — When given the opportunity to financially support Ukrainians in need, many will conclude that financial support is not within their ability. However, this raises the question: are there other things you can do to contribute? 

Bears Helping Babies is a student-run group working to raise $20,000 to provide immediate supplies and support to Ukrainian families in need. Despite this monetary goal, Bears Helping Babies is also seeking help from students to aid its efforts through other avenues. 

Julia Rachel Dominguez, a student in Writing & Editing for Online Media, said for those who cannot afford to contribute money, spreading awareness is the next best thing. 

“Anyone with social media can post and create awareness, tell family members and get the word out as best as possible so that the people that do have the means hear about it,” Dominguez said. 

Dominguez said for the average student, contributing through whatever means available is a “responsibility.” 

“We are privileged to be at this school and receiving higher education,” Dominguez said. “We should do what we can for those who don’t have that privilege.” 

Rachel Royster, another student in Writing & Editing for Online Media, said initiatives like Bears Helping Babies are not viewed as a responsibility by enough students.  

“We sit in such privilege here, and it’s pitiful to me that we cannot even find it within ourselves to just learn up on issues happening outside our own little bubble,” Royster said. “I am not even talking about ‘going to a fancy private institution privilege,’ I mean straight up having a chest of drawers to keep our clothes in. These moms are providing for their children out of suitcases. The least we can do is take away one of their worries so they can give more attention to their kids who have been swept away from the only homes they ever knew.”

Furthermore, Royster said it is important for students to remember that “a dollar is still a dollar.”  

“Your support and knowledge of the cause is an incredible help,” Royster said. “When you do feel comfortable with sharing your dollars with this well-earned cause, I hope donating will come to mind.” 

Regardless of the type of aid you provide, you are working toward lightening the load of Ukrainian families. For those in need, every small act can add up to making a world of a difference. 

For those in need, every small act can add up to making a world of a difference. Photo by Luke Araujo